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Jobs in IT

How we can help

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Find out about new roles

We are connected to a wide variety of respected organisations that often hire staff for IT jobs and may be on your list of employer prospects. We have ears on the ground for IT job openings, whether or not they’re posted publicly, and we can match you to perfect-fit opportunities when they become available.

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Guide and support

While changing careers might be an intimidating prospect, it can also be thrilling! As honest and trusted advisors, we accompany you throughout the process. We market your strengths for matching IT jobs and keep in touch for a smooth transaction once placed. You get continued support if your first application is unsuccessful.

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Trusted experts

Your value-add and experience are crucial to potential employers, but so is your next career. We have the passion, experience and expertise to analyse your eligibility and match you with roles that will advance your career, taking into account salary, location, flexibility, development prospects and culture fit.

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We recognize the need for a diverse workforce and actively seek out individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and countries of origin. Find out more.

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Contractor care

Every independent contractor gets a Candidate Care Consultant, available to give answers, support and direction during the project. Our protocols assure effective induction and post-placement review.

IT Solutions

With dedicated teams in each specialised field of IT, we have the deep knowledge - from the jargon, skill sets, systems and tools to the specific requirements of your relevant industry - to really understand what you’re looking for in your next role and connect you with our clients looking to hire.

  • Principal

    Matt Porter

    Active Improvement

    "Whenever I have a recruitment question or requirement, Kate is top of my list as the person I trust most in the industry - and she never fails to get me a fast and accurate answer. You can absolutely rely on Kate to make your life easier and your team better."

  • ​HR Manager

    Alicia Ameduri

    Innovation Group

    "Angela is the rare recruiter that is able to meld business fit with technical fit to a tee. The key to Angela’s success is her ability to truly listen to the requirements and provide us with the right fit candidate based on this active listening. It is this skill that ensures Angela is a continual value add to our business."

  • Project Manager

    Eric Oliver

    Vic Government

    “Always professional, responsive, reliable to a fault, and personally interested, Kate has made recruiting a no brainer for me. Recruiting takes up a huge chunk of time and the value in having a business partner that just gets your org culture and quality expectations can’t be overstated."

  • Business Intelligence Lead

    Gaetan M.

    ​Australian Unity

    "Robbie has been fantastic to secure my next job. He kept me updated regularly while effectively managing the relationship with my new employer, showing great emotional intelligence. I enjoyed all the opportunities we had to interact. Robbie is a pleasure to deal with, a highly competent recruitment professional and able to build efficient relationships based on trust and respect."

  • Program Manager



    ​"Whilst engaging with Angela, I have found her to be extremely proficient at her role. She has always taken the time to answer her phone and have a conversation with me, whether it was about the role, or just general recruitment advice. I have emailed her late at night, and without delay, she responds back with a smile."

  • Senior Product Designer

    Heinrich Bezuidenhout

    Australia Post

    "Sam is one of the most genuine individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. Sam helped me secure a dream role at Australia Post, and was professional and proactive during the entire interviewing process. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great role to get in touch with Sam."

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