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Our commitment is underpinned by our parent company, ManpowerGroup who were recognised by the APSCo Board for Diversity and Inclusion, winning the award in 2019.

Gender Diversity: At Experis we pride ourselves on ensuring both genders are represented at all levels.

Age Balance: Experis recognises that the experience mature aged employees can bring to an organisation greatly enhances our culture and our performance.

LGBTI Inclusion: Experis provide a safe and supportive working environment that supports all LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) employees.

Supporting the individual needs of our employees: At Experis we understand that everyone has a life outside of work and that this may come with a need for flexible arrangements. We have a number of internal policies to encourage a flexible work environment tailored to the individual needs of our employees.

  • Flexible working options

  • Extended maternity leave (12 weeks after 3 years)
  • Leave purchase program

Community Leave: Experis offers all staff 'Community Leave'. Community Leave is specifically for the participation in volunteer work within a registered charity or community organisation.

Unconscious Bias: We recognise the role that unconscious bias can play in our own recruitment as well as that of our clients. All of our leaders undertake a Leadership Development Program covering unconscious bias-awareness and identification and ways to address it to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, sexual preference etc. As part of their induction all newly hired employees also participate in specific EEO and Diversity training.

How Experis Support Client Strategies

Consulting and Advice

Experis has undertaken considerable research on topics such as equality, discrimination and gender pay gap in IT. Experis partner with our clients to present the results to hiring managers and key decision makers to assist in the improvement and formulation of these initiatives and strategies.

Attraction Strategies

Experis employ a diverse range of strategies aimed at attracting a talent pool that is varied. We foster diverse talent pools using a range of social professional networking sites.

Client Partnerships

Our team at Experis work closely with all clients to support their recruitment objectives, understanding that businesses have differing needs and approaches to diversity. We partner with clients to develop strategies for targeting a diverse candidate pool and achieve quotas aimed at both females in leadership and indigenous employees.

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