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Incident Management

InjuryMaster Access(for authorised ManpowerGroup Employees only)

Report a work related injury, illness or near miss

  1. Ensure you and those around you are safe.

  2. Report the incident to your workplace Manager/Supervisor (this might be a site/client manager).

  3. Seek immediate first aid/medical treatment, if required.

  4. Once you are safe to do so, immediately call CORE on 1800 786 063 to report the injury, illness or near miss.

  5. If you receive medical treatment (other than first aid) please inform your Doctor or practitioner that ManpowerGroup has suitable duties available to encourage you to be able to return to work as soon as possible after your injury/illness.

  6. Notify your Consultant/ Manager as soon as possible within 24 hours after you have received any medical treatment.

  7.  Continue to advise your Consultant/Manager of your progress during treatment or following medical reviews.

Workers Compensation Claim Support

Please advise your Consultant/Manager immediately if you intend to submit a Workers Compensation claim. They can assist you with required paperwork and a program to support your recovery.

When to call CORE?

Your Consultant/Manager is always your main contact for health and safety support, including injury management. The free call numbers are for the initial reporting of incidents ONLY.